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We provide requirements-driven, creative and specialized solutions to all of your security problems with our expert team of professionals, technological infrastructure and strong partnership network assistance.

Why is security consultancy necessary?

Consultancy assistance has various benefits creating important added-values.
The alternative cost of consultancy service is much more expensive. The total amount of the service is often less than the equipment cost to be unnecessarily sold to your organization.
During the operations of personnel recruitment, training, procedure editing and audit; a significant practice burden is taken off the back of the organization and it is delivered to expert hands.
A significant saving is performed on fund by making the security practices organized and standard. The consultancy service has undeniable positive aspects also in terms of building corporate knowledge.
In an area open to criticism such as security, it creates opportunities for the managers to make error-free decisions justified by the objective experts and it relieves the organizations from justifying their security practices against the official authorities and the media.


Our Services

National and International Security and Close Protection Training

Security Consultancy
The concept of security based on risk analysis
Personal and corporate security structure installation (Safety Engineering)
Routine and emergency action plans
Training, supervision, testing

Protection Services
Close Protection Team and Advisory Services , Travel Security

Security of Supply Chain
Asset Monitoring Centre for Transplantation
Electronic monitoring , ad hoc reporting , Support

Support Services
Sales, Rentals

Germany, Israel, Lebanon, Azerbaijan and the service we provide our professional support team providing security solutions in Turkey.


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