Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Statutory Processes Service

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Statutory is an international status that provides a number of convenience and concessions in customs process to reliable companies that fulfill their customs obligations, have regular and traceable record system, can perform self-control and have financial qualification and safety and security standards.

One of the conditions for achieving this statutory is to fulfill the SAFETY AND SECURITY CLAUSE. In order to ensure this condition, the applicant must:

  • Protect the buildings, shipping and cargo areas against infiltration,
  • Take preventive measures to prevent unauthorized interference with goods and transports,
  • Perform self-control,
  • Control how people and organizations who are worked together do business,
  • Conduct periodic safety research on employees in sensitive positions.

“Stash Training” and “Training to Prevent Unauthorized Entry to Transports and Facilities” are exactly necessary at this very stage.

Stash Training – Training to Prevent Unauthorized Entry to Transports and Facilities

  • What is suspicion?
  • What are suspicious items?
  • What are suspicious incidents and situations?
  • What is stash?
  • Potential stash places in road vehicles,
  • Potential stash places in railway vehicles,
  • Potential stash places in seaway vehicles, Potential stash places in airway vehicles,
  • Stashes in entrepo and warehouse,
  • Structure of stash places,
  • Materials used in making stash,
  • Types of items transported in stash places,
  • Hiding types of stash places,
  • Stash manipulation,
  • Suspicious acts of transport authorities,
  • Suspicious statements and documents,
  • Goods came by mail / cargo,
  • Past stash experiences



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