Loss Prevention Services

Retail Industry and Natural Risks…

  • Irrespective of the size of the company, from a single retail outlet to a multiunit chain of stores, and irrespective of the goods offered for sale to the public, be it high-end jewelry or a thrift shop, a wide variety of risks inherent to retail face management and must be addressed.
  • Many retail environments are constantly at risk due to a lack of Controls and a basic understanding of loss prevention. Criminals use this as an opportunity to take advantage of those businesses and reap the profits.
  • With the retail industry changing rapidly to entice its customers it must also focus on preventing crime.

Small losses cause huge costs…

  • Businesses continue to lose billions annually to a variety of crimes that erode their bottom-line. In an effort to prevent losses and combat the problem, a multi-faceted approach is our best defense.
  • Retails must develop a “Total Loss Prevention” program or strategy that involves management and their staff. All of us need to concentrate on being “proactive” versus “reactive.”



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