Earthquake Action Plan

Sudden Disaster!

According to AFAD’s (Disaster & Emergency Management Presidency) statistics, 66% of Turkey’s territory is located in the 1st and 2nd degree of earthquake zones. Due to the earthquakes in Turkey, over 32.000 people lost their lives since the 1950s.

Within the scope of both the superiority of human life and Occupational Health Safety legislation, institutions are obliged to be ready for earthquakes and other emergencies.

Communication and Evacuation…

The resistance of the buildings for an earthquake is of course one of the key precautions to be taken. In addition, actions and measures to be taken before, during, and after the earthquake will play a very effective role in preventing corporate life and property losses.

With our Earthquake Action Plan service, we support our customers to be prepared for an earthquake and to overcome the disaster with the least loss. Our primary goal is to be able to overcome the earthquake disaster with the least loss in the most difficult time with the action plan we have prepared by working together for your corporate needs, far from standardized suggestions.

Some of the supports provided within the scope of our service are presented below:

  • Pre-earthquake structural and functional preparedness analysis,
  • Determination of crisis management team roles and responsibilities,
  • Communication plan and determination of equipment requirements,
  • Determining the evacuation plan,



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