Security Concept Design

Many integrated security systems used today were designed without being aware of threats and vulnerabilities. The system suggested by the suppliers sometimes cannot satisfy the needs of the customer exactly. And mostly, they are often more expensive than necessary.

Risk Assessment Based Security Concept

Designing the security concept in accordance with the needs determined in consequence of risk assessment makes it possible to reach a high security level with low cost. The security concept consists of plans relevant to topics like entry controls, vehicle and pedestrian traffic, environmental controls, physical obstacles, security human resources, security procedures, electronic security systems and other systems to communicate with them.

The services we offer in the process of instituting security concept:

  • Security System Engineering – Project Designing
  • Technical Plans
  • Preparation of Tender Kit
  • Processing of Bids
  • Project Implementation Consultancy
  • Integration of Solutions
  • Creating Optimal Solutions
  • Purchase, Service-Maintenance Contract Consultancy
  • Acceptance Tests



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