Business Place Continuity & Preparing Crisis Management Plan

By determining and classifying potantial threats for company and by evaluating the effects on business operations; it is aimed to institute an action plan for building institutional impedance endowed with intervention capacity aimed at protecting the operational activities of the organization, main interests, reputation, brand and value creation activities of its main stakeholders. Also it is aimed to establish continuity of the administrative system, and if necessary, the evacuation plan of the administrative level.

Principles of Business Continuity Management:

  • To perpetuate the Administrative Level
  • To maintain the organization’s administrative activity
  • To reduce risk
  • To fulfill regulatory body requirements
  • To maintain customer confidence and stability in financial markets

At the heart of Business Continuity Management, there is not only an immediate recovery after an emergency, but also obligation to continue the business at the highest possible operational level. The purpose of Operation Continuity & Crisis Management plan is that in urgent and unexpected circumstances, to determine  conditions, methods and procedures of the organization to fulfill its commitments to regulatory authorities, staff, customers, other organizations, market participants and third parties.



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