Crowd Management

The crowd is an unsolved problem of our daily life, but there is a solution to securely manage the crowd. We aim to provide an applied systematic guidance to our customers who organize crowded events so that the crowds can be securely managed.

The crowd can wreak to a great deal of damage – large or small – because of its internal dynamics and movement style. Indeed, past tragedies confirm this proposition.

So, What does ISC do?

  • Planning: Identifies important milestones when planning your event.
  • Risk Assessment: Determines the risks and hazards that threaten the security of the crowd in a systematic way.
  • Risk-Oriented Measures: Provides examples of the most appropriate and feasible measures for possible hazards identified as a result of the risk assessment.
  • Emergency Scenarios and Procedures: In studies related to secure management of crowd, the procedures to be applied in an emergency are also taken into consideration.
  • Communication: Determines the importance of good communication in crowded management and gives examples.
  • Crowd Observation: Hides the methods applied to the management of the crowd in such a way that the crowd still feels comfortable.



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